Update – We’ve Moved!

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We apologize for the large delay in posting, however as many of you know WE’VE MOVED! We relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. We’ve officially been in our apartment here for 11 days, after a 3 day drive up from Los Angeles. We’re slowly furnishing and haven’t even gotten to decorating yet, but we’re absolutely thrilled with our apartment and our location!

We’re able to walk to basically anything: grocery stores, the mall, pet stores, drug stores/pharmacies, etc. Everything is within a 10 minute walk, with most things being about 5 minutes down the road.

We’ve (my mom and I) have spent many days, if not all of them so far, out and about gathering our nuts as we like to say, by buying the necessities. It’s a lot of work to start all over in a new place let alone a new country; you forget about the little things like needing a can opener to be able to eat that can of ridiculously expensive tuna.

There have definitely been some ups and downs as we learn new things about the city. One funny thing we encountered, was that the shopping carts here (AKA buggys) require a looney ($1 coin) to release them from their lockup with the other carts. The coin acts as a key, so you insert it, the lock releases, you carry on shopping, and when you’re done, you lock it back up and your looney pops out. Interesting right? Needless to say we had to go to customer service to borrow a looney because we had yet to get Canadian money on our first shopping excursion.

If you haven’t been to Canada and experienced some of the funny differences, here are a few terms/tips we’ve learned so far:


Looney – $1 coin

Tooney – $2 coin

Buggy – shopping cart


– Pedestrians are aggressive and if you’re driving through the city, you must be assertive, or else you’ll be waiting on the never ending flow of walking pedestrians for all eternity.

– Certain foods and products are RIDICULOUSLY expensive ie. your average glass container of olive oil here ranges from $15-20 and as mentioned a can of tuna can range from $4-8.

– Dogs seem to be pretty well liked here. We’ve seen most people take their animals into stores with no problems from the employees.

– The city is really bike friendly, with certain streets having a dedicated bike lane.

– Everyone for the most part has been super friendly and helpful! We’ve run into a few grouches, but that’s to be expected in a city.

It’s definitely been a huge adjustment, but a really good one. We’ll keep you guys posted as to our adventures and there will definitely be pictures to come!

Have a great day!

XO Nic


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