Spring Hats Have Arrived at Target!

Welcome Spring! One of my favorite things about Spring are those super cute hats that Target puts out this time of year along with their spring line of purses. Here in sunny SoCal, it’s Spring & Summer year-round, so I’ve just about worn out my hats from last year and needed to add a few more to my current rotation.


At just $13 a hat, how can you not pick up a few? I picked this one up last week when I went in for detergent. Target is one of those stores that I can’t seem to get out of for under $100 anytime I run in for some household cleaning product!

I’m extremely fair skinned, so hats are super important to me. I’ve got them in my car, my hubby’s car, all over the house and at the office! I just LOVE hats and how easily they can dress up an outfit!

Here’s the link to my hat. Get them before they’re gone!

Happy Spring!

Roma xoxo






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