For those who don’t know what “Adulting” is, here’s UD’s definition: In addition to the job you’re supposed to be holding, you should also be dressed appropriately; but that’s not always an easy task. Building a wardrobe that’s both professional  and adult-like takes time, so I’ve compiled 9 tips that I use when I shop to hopefully help anyone who needs some advice! Find your go-to stores for certain categories of items: Depending on your budget, you should be able to pin point what stores are your favourites and what categories of clothing items you can get where. For example,… View Post

There are quite a few fall/winter fashion trends that I absolutely love, and sweater dresses are definitely one of them! I would like to collect a few more for this season, but for now this is the one that I’ve most recently picked up and absolutely love! This particular dress is super fitted but very stretchy. It’s also got a zipper that goes the whole way up the dress so you kind of put it on just like a sweater! It also means that you don’t have to cautiously spend minutes trying to pull it over your already done hair and… View Post

Pleather is one of my favourite fall/winter clothing items. From pleather jackets, to pleather shoes and accessories; pleather pants are my favourite form. I’ve repurchased these same Pleather Pant Leggings from American Apparel 3 times now, once every couple of years. I personally love these ones specifically because they’re thicker, stretchier and a bit more breathable than some other pleather pants. I’ve paired these with a white chiffon long sleeve top, that’s a bit longer in the back so it covers my butt. The top also has this really cute tie up accent that adds just enough to the outfit… View Post

Anyone else remember wearing those god-awful plastic chokers in the 90’s? I was still pretty little during the 90’s, given I’m a ’94 baby, but I still vividly remember this trend going into the early 00’s. The trend is back, and quite honestly I think it’s here to stay for a minute. Can we take a second to appreciate that the chokers now are SO CUTE?! I’m LOVING this trend and will definitely being purchasing more. The one I picked up from Aldo is super long, so you have so many variations of how you can wear the choker. I… View Post

  Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean we have to completely abandon anything short. I picked up this dress on clearance from Express, and I’m totally in love with it. It’s a faux suede material, that’s really warm but is also rather stretchy. Loving the tie up front that’s been trending this year. As you can see in this top picture, the bottom criss-cross is sewn in, so no fear of the whole top coming untied. The lace ups are also made of the same suede material the dress is made out of, which makes them really stick together… View Post