I’ve been making this recipe for the past 20+ years. I can’t really think of a family shindig that we’ve had where this dip wasn’t present. When I’ve decided not to make it due to time or forgotten ingredients and I can’t bare the thought of running back to the market, I always regret it by staring at a disappointed family member’s face as they say, “where’s the salsa?” and then I regret not making that extra trip. One of the reasons this is such a crowd pleaser is that it’s mild, and this is a hit with the children… View Post

This year Nicolette and her friends bought the annual ski pass to Brighton, so when in Salt Lake City, Brighton is where we go! There was a huge snow storm which dropped a few feet of snow all over the city, so our trip that week was perfectly timed! On this particular beautiful day, we experienced lots of sun as well as a few snow showers during the day, so it was a nice mix of weather, even though it was a whopping 8 degrees! Brrrr… The view upon our arrival (the parking lot was literally full by 9:30am). Then… View Post

My visit with Pumpkin to Salt Lake City never disappoints, especially in the winter. Hands down, Salt Lake City is a winter wonderland and is one of my favorite cities to visit for skiing, eating and visiting with Nicolette’s friends. Look at how up close and personal nature gets right outside of our hotel, the University Marriott, which I highly recommend if you get a chance. They have a full service Starbucks in the lobby, along with a swimming pool, gym, restaurant and an incredible bar which has a happy hour each evening. I was standing outside with these beauties, drinking my… View Post

Power Pre-Workout Breakfast or Egg Salad on the go! One of my favorite seasonal items @ Whole Foods Market is their Pale Ale Organic Dijon Mustard. Thanks to the boys at the Redondo Beach Whole Foods Meat Counter, they usually have some sort of yummy sausage on demo and they typically use this mustard as the dipping sauce for the samples. The first time I tried it, I ate about 5 samples with more and more mustard on each bite! They told me it’s a seasonal item, so I bought 4 containers of it since it was so outstanding. It’s… View Post