For those of you who only know King’s Hawaiian because of their famous sweet dinner rolls, you’ll be happily surprised to know that King’s Hawaiian also has a full blown restaurant and bakery in Torrance, CA. King’s Hawaiian’s factory is also in Torrance just a bit further down the road.

For those of us who have been spoiled with the wonderful restaurant, I thought I’d share the two most marvelous dishes that they offer.

The first being their famous “Big Island Breakfast“. Which is their to-die-for french toast that’s made with thick and fluffy sweet hawaiian bread, eggs however you like them, and my personal favorite choice of breakfast meat – Portuguese sausage! Their breakfasts are also accompanied with a choice of muffin, which we always opt for a baked muffin of various flavor (they’re all amazing) to eat at a later time.


I mean, come on, LOOK AT THAT!

The second “dish” that we love is the Paradise Delight. It’s definitely a dessert, and not a dish, but it’s really hard to go here and not leave without a piece of this cake for later.


Stunning, right? It tastes even better. It’s a tri-flavored cake – Three layer (guava, passion, lime) chiffon cake filled with whipped cream, peaches & fresh strawberries between the layers. Topped with fruit glaze and bordered with peach, strawberry & kiwi slices.
What I love about this cake is how light and fluffy it is. It doesn’t feel heavy and loaded with sugar like cakes can be.  It’s a really soft sponge cake that’s not too sweet, but the flavors are delightful. I also really like that it has a whipped cream frosting, instead of a heavier buttercream or cream cheese frosting, because it adds just that extra touch without weighing down the sponge cake. Here’s what a whole cake looks like:



And here’s one more of a couple other fruit tarts/desserts that both taste and look delectable!


In addition to these tarts, they have a whole bakery area with tons of different muffins, cookies, donuts, mini cakes, chocolate covered fruit, birthday and wedding cakes and more!

We’ve been eating here since moving down to the South Bay when I was 4 years old. It’s been a fantastic breakfast/brunch or really anytime of the day place to go, whatever the occasion.  This is definitely one of the restaurants that we will be missing up in Vancouver, but it does make it that much more special when we come back down to visit. 🙂

We’d love to hear about your experience if you happen to go!



If you’re looking for an authentic Italian Cafe in the Culver City area, look no further ~ Cafe Ugo is the place to be! Nicolette and I were out and about in Culver City running errands and were hankering for a late breakfast, and stopped into this neighborhood eatery. With three locations – Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Culver City – it’s a great little chain with top of the line gelato, coffee, baked goods & pastries, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a wine bar at the Culver City location. Also, Cafe Ugo holds this certification:


Meaning  that they are pizza specialists certifying ~ “This seal certifies that Ugo pizza is authentic Neapolitan pizza – prepare with traditional  ingredients and cooked in a 1,000 degree wood burning oven imported from Naples, Italy exactly as the original pizza was made in Naples more than 200 years ago.” (taken from their website)

I mean, doesn’t that sound enticing? We weren’t there for pizza that day as we wanted brunch, but we’ll be going back to try it out. I’ll keep you posted on that. Here’s their brunch menu:


We started off with 1 Almond milk and 1 Coconut milk Cappucino. Delightful.


I ordered the Parma which was two poached eggs over toasted brioche bread topped with prosciutto di Parma and grated padano cheese. Delicioso!


and then…


Their roasted potatoes were ridiculously good and tasted more like oven baked french fries than you usually breakfast potatoes which are most often soggy and undercooked ~not these~ they were PERFECTLY baked and were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I normally try to skip extra carbs with my brunch, especially if I’m eating brioche 😉 but I forgot to tell the server to skip the potatoes and boy was I glad I did. I ate them all!

Overall, a great meal, top notch food and service and a beautiful patio setting with reasonably priced food. If you happen to be in Culver City, Downtown LA or Santa Monica, pop in and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and they make their own gelato and pastries as well!

Dulce Meets Gabbana dined as patrons of Cafe Ugo.

You Must Try:     Brunch – Parma, Cappucinos, Gelato, Pizza

Reservations:      First come, first served

Contact Details:  Cafe Ugo

3865 Cardiff Avenue

Culver City, CA 90232


Open for lunch, brunch & dinner.




One of our favorite places to eat with an outstanding menu is Red Rock Brewery in Utah. They’ve got three locations – one in downtown Salt Lake City (Red Rock Brewery), Park City Junction (Red Rock Junction), and in Murray, Utah. While the names differ, the menus are the same and their restaurants are always packed! Red Rock Brewery also has their Beer Store in downtown Salt Lake City. Check out their website for the deets on that!

My go-to lunch/dinner is the Blackened Ahi Tuna Pocket with Sweet Potato Fries. It always seems to be on the “specials board” and in the past few years of my visits, there it sits on the specials board. Maybe I’m just lucky and it happens to be the special in my honor?!? 😉 It’s truly outstanding and never disappoints! And, their Sweet Potato Fries…to die for!



Then, after dinner, right outside of the restaurant it’s a winter wonderland to behold! Such beauty! What a wonderful evening we had with my Pumpkin and her friends Grace, Emma & Caroline. A beautiful evening with beautiful women!


Roma xoxo

Dulce Meets Gabbana dined as patrons of Red Rock Junction.

You Must Try:     Blackened Ahi Tuna Pocket & their Sweet Potato Fries

Reservations:      First come, first served, pagers issued

Contact Details:  Red Rock Brewery

1640 W. Redstone Center

Park City, Utah 84098


Open for lunch & dinner and brunch on the weekends.




On a recent visit to beautiful Salt Lake City with Nic, we of course, visited our most favorite breakfast spot in town – Eggs In the City – where we were selected as customer of the day! To say that was the highlight of my trip would be an understatement! Hands down, they have the best Huevos Rancheros I’ve ever eaten, and I still haven’t perfected my recipe to mirror theirs…but I’m working on it.


We were there visiting Nic’s friends and getting some skiing days in since SLC had just received several feet of snow, so of course, Eggs in the City was the morning stop on the way to Brighton. We settled into breakfast there one morning, looking out at the snowcapped mountains and snow-lined streets – winter wonderland – and our server, Lauren came by who I started chatting with. I had been talking to Eggs in the City via Instagram, but didn’t know who was really communicating with, and showed Lauren my IG posts about their food/menu and she said “You’re Roma?!?!” “I’m Lauren, I’m the one you’ve been talking to!” Yes, it’s the little things in life that get me excited…like finding out who is behind the Eggs In The City posts. J The next thing you know, we were selected as customers of the day and as you can see from my BIG smile in the pic, I was just giddy.


The Huevos Rancheros is just one of the great items you’ll find on their menu, but I’ve also had their breakfast burrito and french toast. Deeelish.


So the next time you’re in Salt Lake City, take a quick drive over to Sugar House, and indulge in the best breakfast in town. You won’t be disappointed!

Dulce Meets Gabbana dined as guests of Eggs In The City this day, seeing how we were selected as “Customer of the Day”. Woo hoo! Every other visit we were happy patrons.

You Must Try:          Huevos Rancheros

Reservations:          First come, first serve

Contact details:       Eggs in the City – Sugar House

1675 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105


Open 7am – 2pm for breakfast & lunch

During our stay in Salt Lake City, we ate at one of our favorite taco places – Taqueria 27 – and if you haven’t been there, make it a point! If you love tacos, they have an AMAZING menu to choose from. They have a standard menu, but they feature a T.O.D (Taco of the Day) which we always indulge in when we visit. For this trip, the T.O.D was Slow Roasted Beef Barbacoa sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes in a taco. Yes, you heard it right. Mashed potatoes in a taco. We had to order it, I mean, right?!?! Here it is.


It was interesting. The concept of having mashed potatoes within a flour tortilla had never crossed my mind, but it worked. My mouth was bursting with  of a variety of flavors and the beef barbacoa was spot on!

When ordering at Taqueria 27, you can order tacos in sets of 2’s or 4’s, so both Nic and I ordered a set of 2 tacos. Their tacos are large, so 2 is definitely sufficient. The other taco we selected was the P.B.L.T.A. ~ Pork Belly, Lettuce, Tomato & Avocado with Jalapeno Mayo. Need I say more? This was amazeballs!!!


Delish, right?!?

In past visits I’ve also had their Duck Confit Taco, F.O.D ~ Fresh Fish Taco of the day (always, always, spot on), Citrus Pork Carnitas (always great), and their Brent Taco.

You’ll definitely want to start your meal off with their homemade guacamole. They’ve got several versions ~ black bean guacamole, traditional guacamole with jalapeno, mango guacamole, G.O.D. (guacamole of the day), and our favorite, the roasted guacamole made with blackened sweet and spicy chilies, carmelized garlic, balsamic and herbs. Simply to die for. I could buy that guacamole by the bucket and put it on everything! Their chips are homemade as well, so you’ll probably only want two tacos after devouring your chips and guacamole first! They also have a kids menu and the prices are excellent!

The next time you’re in Salt Lake City, you’ll have to give them a try. You won’t be sorry! They’ve got three locations in Utah, and we dined at the downtown Salt Lake City location.


Roma xoxo

Dulce Meets Gabbana dined as patrons of Taqueria 27.

You Must Try:     Roasted Guacamole, G.O.D. ~ Guacamole of the Day, T.O.D ~ Taco of the Day, P.B.L.T.A Taco, Duck Confit Taco, F.O.D. ~ Fish of the Day Taco.

Reservations:      First come, first served

Contact Details:  Taqueria 27 Downtown

149 East 200 South

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


Open for lunch & dinner.

                        Hours Downtown