Hope everyone had a great long weekend, we sure did! It’s been quite a bit since we’ve updated our blog, but we’re getting back into it and are excited to share more adventures, recipes and fashion updates with you all!



Those who know me know that I’m EXTREMELY fussy with what I wear and what I like. On Thursday of last week, I took a trip to the Nordstrom Women’s Shoe Department at the Pacific Centre. The PC is basically a HUGE mall that’s both under and above ground and just blocks from our apartment. I could have spent hours there, everything was on sale! However I was there on a specific mission; looking to replace my 6 year old black, now grey, basic Nike running shoes. I’ve always been a Nike girl, so naturally that’s where I headed. As I walked through the department these bad boys caught my eye and I couldn’t put them down. I still continued on to the Nike section but couldn’t find a style I liked, so I tried these on, instantly fell in love and that was that. Apparently I’m now an Adidas fan, who knew?


Front_Adidas_Fotor Moving_Adidas_Fotor Side_Adidas_Fotor

In addition to being great gym shoes, I love them for walking around town. I think they’re super cute and add a sporty feel to any outfit! I also love the more structured pleathery looking ankle, and the breathable toe box.


Buy the shoe: Adidas Tubular Defiant Shoe




I’m absolutely obsessed with these shoes. I LOVE them. They’re by Dolce Vita #dolcevitababe and they’re probably the most comfortable lace up sandals that I tried on while shopping at Hudson’s Bay the other day. Hudson’s Bay is a new store to me. It’s like a cross between Macy’s in downtown Herald Square in NYC and a Nordstroms, but it’s the main department store in downtown Vancouver, so E and I have stocked up a lot of our new apartment items there. It’s got 6 floors worth of amazing goods from shoes to several levels of clothing for women, a mens shop, jewelry, housewares, accessories, makeup and more! But I digress…anyway, check out these beauties! Just gorg!


Fortunately I was lucky enough to get them on sale, at 20% off, so it was a total score! One thing that was interesting about this brand is that I’m normally a size 9, and those didn’t feel at all comfortable and were a bit big, but then went down to an 8 and they fit like a glove, so they do run a bit big. Once I put those 8’s on they fit my footbed so comfortably, and I was in love!

Here’s the link to them on their website, and if you sign up for their newsletter online, you get 15% off your order. They offer free shipping in the U.S. from their website. If you’re in Canada, like me, here’s the link to Hudson’s Bay where I purchased them. If you’re in Canada, you should hurry to get them before they’re all gone. As you know, shortly the fall shoes will arrive and if you wait too long, the summer sandals will be sold out. Been there done that too many times! I hope you enjoy these as much as I’m enjoying them. I get so many great compliments around town. Definitely a stand out shoe to have this summer!

Happy Shopping!

Roma xo

Welcome Spring! One of my favorite things about Spring are those super cute hats that Target puts out this time of year along with their spring line of purses. Here in sunny SoCal, it’s Spring & Summer year-round, so I’ve just about worn out my hats from last year and needed to add a few more to my current rotation.


At just $13 a hat, how can you not pick up a few? I picked this one up last week when I went in for detergent. Target is one of those stores that I can’t seem to get out of for under $100 anytime I run in for some household cleaning product!

I’m extremely fair skinned, so hats are super important to me. I’ve got them in my car, my hubby’s car, all over the house and at the office! I just LOVE hats and how easily they can dress up an outfit!

Here’s the link to my hat. Get them before they’re gone!

Happy Spring!

Roma xoxo




One of our favorite stores is Nordstrom Rack. Why, you ask? Because if you don’t know, you can score designer items for super cheap! I’ve also gotten a ton of cute little accessory holders, accessories, shoes, purses, hair products (weird right?), etc. They have everything!

Anyways, in this particular trip, we found this super cute Ted Baker iPad case for $19. I KNOW RIGHT?

The item had been put on clearance after already taking a discount, so an originally $90 case, was 1/3 of the price, with nothing wrong with it.


This particular iPad case has sold out, but here’s a link to another style they still have available, which is also on sale.

So, in short, if you have a Nordstrom Rack around you, we recommend checking it out every 2-3 weeks to see what new products they’ve got!

Happy Shopping!



In our most recent shopping trip, my mom and I picked up this really cute light pink “No Filter” tank from Express! I love the cut of these kinds of tanks, and I love the material that this one is made out of. I don’t like my clothing to feel heavy or itchy or anything else that would bother you. I love that this tank is made out of a super light weight material that hangs loosely in areas that aren’t meant to be tight.



(Talk about a WINDY day!)

With a shirt like this you can totally wear it as is, or you can do a couple of other different things with it. You can tuck it in, all the way around your body if you want to wear a skirt, or something high-waisted on top of it or you could tuck in just a small portion of the front if you don’t like the tank long in the front. However you decide to wear it, you’re able to dress it up or down with some chunky jewelry or nice blazer/jacket.

I think the best part of this shirt is how much it does resemble my family. I’ve grown up in a household where there really is no filter. It’s hilarious! We spend so much time making fun of one another in good fun, that it really taught my brother and I how to laugh at our mistakes, or stupidity. No one’s perfect, and being able to see your own parents make fun of their errors helps instill that in a young person’s mind. We of course try our best to filter ourselves outside of the house, but as my friends know, I frequently fail. Sometimes I think it’s one of my best qualities, I don’t sugar coat things. I say it how it is, and while sometimes I offend people, people often appreciate the realness of it.

In addition to the shirt, we also picked up the Faux Suede leggings during a sale that Express was having! These are also SUPER comfy and warm, which will be very necessary in Vancouver.

What I’m wearing: Faux Suede Ankle Zip Legging, No Filter Tank, Leather Jacket,

Brass Plum Black Faux Sueded Booties


Questions? Feel free to comment below!