It’s only appropriate to celebrate your 22nd with Taylor Swift. If you don’t know what I’m referencing, I’ll leave a link right HERE.


Anyways, yes it’s true, today is the day my mom gave birth to me 22 years ago and I couldn’t be anymore excited for what the year will bring. I’m certainly still figuring my life out, but I’ve recently learned that most people are making it up on the fly so I can do that too, right? I know where I’m at is completely reflective of my age and I’ll figure it out eventually. Until then, I’ll be celebrating life for the miracle that it is! And obviously continuing with blogging, fashion and social media!


I’m loving this look for 2 reasons.

  1. This dress is SO versatile. It can be worn during the summer with wedges or strappy sandals and it can be worn during the colder seasons with a jacket and some thigh-highs like the ones above.
  2. The colour; can we just take a second to appreciate the perfect periwinkle colour that this dress is? It’s a great way to bring pastels into your fall/winter wardrobe and it’s also the perfect spring/summer colour for any occasion.

I also love how easy it is to change up how this dress looks based on shoes and accessories because it’s so basic. You could easily add a crew neck white/black tee underneath for more daytime coverage with a simple choker, which is very trendy this fall OR you could also wear this with booties (check my previous post for my fave booties of the moment) and layer different necklaces for an elegant night out look. One additional look could be to wear a sweater over the top of the dress, just leaving the skirt exposed, giving you a whole new use for the dress!


Here’s what I’ve really come to love about fashion: There are so many things you can do with each piece that you own that it’s really just up to you and your creativity with how you want to wear your clothes. I used to feel like I had to fit inside of a box when it came to fashion because I was scared of what others would think of me. However, more recently I’ve embraced my love for it and I’m having an amazing time doing so. Let the haters hate, wear what you want!


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Buy the pieces here: Slip Dress, Leather Jacket, Steve Madden Thigh Highs








Vancouver is getting tons of rain, and I couldn’t be happier! However, being an LA native hasn’t quite prepared me for what I’m supposed to wear in the rain/colder weather. I’m still adding to my wardrobe (I’ll never not be adding to it, let’s be real) and I put this together pretty easily with a few basic pieces that you either already have or are easy to find anywhere.


It’s a basic white/cream coloured turtle neck, black blazer, black tights, basic black pencil skirt with tight black boots! Super easy, right? I think adding the necklace, earrings and the aviators definitely helped amp up the style score. Here’s a closer look at those pieces.


I mentioned the earrings in a previous post (find here) but they’re also linked down below! I’ve been rocking black nail polish for the last week and I’m really into it. I think I’ll definitely keep it for the next couple of months before the holidays take over!

Buy the pieces here: White Turtle Neck, Black Pencil Skirt, Black Blazer, Aviators, Earring Jacket,  Calvin Klein Boots (not the same boots I’m wearing, mine are last season’s version)

I didn’t link the long necklace because I bought it at Forever21 a couple of years ago, so the exact necklace is no longer on their website.




Originally when I saw this becoming a trend, my first thought was “HALLELUJAH.” For those who know me pretty well, you know that I love being in oversized t’s/jackets/sweatshirts etc. However, I’m not a super tall individual, and I wasn’t graced with mile long legs, so wearing anything that’s oversized frequently just makes me look like a blob with feet, not attractive. I tend to stick to more tight/form fitting clothing for that reason, BUT, the addition of heels and skin tight leggings/jeans/pants of some sort helps lengthen my legs and makes me less blob like. That said, I had to give this style a try, and I gotta say, I’m in love. What’s more comfortable than jeans and a tee?


I actually found this shirt at a vintage clothing shop here for $4. It’s got the perfect “wear and tear” for the trend, and it’s also not too long on me which works great. I paired it with these grey jeans, which also seem to be rearing their head this fall/winter season.


Let’s address the shoes. Aren’t they hot? I’m obsessed. They’re definitely a good height, but there’s also a good platform on the front, making wearing and walking in these bad boys a breeze. I feel like I’ve never really struggled with walking in ridiculously high heels because I grew up with skates on my feet. Skates naturally have a 1.5-2″ inch heel, depending on the skate, which to me feels pretty flat. Therefor, anything that’s between 4″-6″ I don’t have a problem walking in.


Accessory time!


This choker is a total DIY of black ribbon that I picked up at Michael’s for $0.89 for the whole roll. If you’re really wanting to have a collection of chokers I really recommend just going to your local fabric store and find ribbon or whatever fabric you fancy and DIY’ing your own! Some chokers are ridiculously expensive for quite literally no reason other than the fact that they’re trending right now.


Woah. Hey there face. Okay, so this is actually a super cool three piece earring that is also pretty inexpensive. I picked it up at F21 a couple months ago (link below) and I love them! They totally dress up any outfit, and with this oversized tee trend, adding some jewelry and a bold lip totally ties it all together.


Buy the pieces here: Vintage T (you’ve got this one covered), Express Jeans, Ear Jacket Set, Target Sunglasses, Aldo Booties (Aldo’s site isn’t working atm, but I just recently bought these, so if you can get their site working, they’re there!) Apple Watch

October has me feeling some sort of way! The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and I’m loving being able to wear jeans and long sleeves again without dying of heat. Here’s my take on a bodysuit/jean outfit!


The best part of this outfit, is that while it’s trendy it’s still really comfortable with the exception of the shoe. It’s not terrible, it’s just not made for spending your whole day in. You could definitely switch out the shoes for a more comfortable Adidas or Converse sneaker. This is also an easy outfit to copy in all colours! Grab a plain black bodysuit and any colour jeans really and you’re ready to go.



Buy the pieces here: Nude Bodysuit, Girlfriend Jeans, Comb Lace-Ups, Le Chateau Belt, Rhinestone Chevron Necklace


Questions or comments? Feel free to leave them down below!




There are quite a few fall/winter fashion trends that I absolutely love, and sweater dresses are definitely one of them! I would like to collect a few more for this season, but for now this is the one that I’ve most recently picked up and absolutely love!

This particular dress is super fitted but very stretchy. It’s also got a zipper that goes the whole way up the dress so you kind of put it on just like a sweater! It also means that you don’t have to cautiously spend minutes trying to pull it over your already done hair and makeup to avoid staining the collar of the dress or screwing up your hair… anyone else struggle with that? I guess the solution would be to get dressed before actually doing my hair and makeup, but the issue I have with that is that I never know what I want to wear and it’s what I contemplate while doing my hair and makeup.  Also, God forbid I know what I want to wear and actually get dressed prior to hair/makeup, the likelihood of me spilling foundation or dropping my eyeliner on myself is way too high to take the risk of being dressed prior. #firstworldproblems


Anyways, back to the dress, as you can see it’s certainly on the shorter side, which means it’s really not meant for the office. I’d wear this in a few different ways:

  • For a warmer fall evening you could wear this like I have, with some open toed pleather sandals and a leather jacket.
  • For a colder evening you could easily add some tights, boots and add a scarf!
  • For a dressed down daytime/weekend look I’d pair it with some white adidas runners and the same leather jacket.


Buy the outfit here: Zip-up Sweater Dress (Sold out), Pleather Sandals, Leather Jacket


Stay tuned for more fall fashion!