All the Pumpkins!

I’m pretty sure I love pumpkin patches more than your average 5 year old and I’m totally okay with that. I was born at the beginning of October, so I think that I just have this love for this specific time of year that I can’t get over.

Last weekend I went on a short trip down to WA for a few hours with my mom. We love to head down there for American shopping because we haven’t quite figured out how to live without going to Target at least once a month. On our way we saw this adorable pumpkin patch that we had to stop at and take some photos. I actually happened to be wearing this Jack-O-Lantern shirt which made for a great photo-op!


If you can’t tell I’m in heaven in these shots.


This is also another post in regards to weekend fashion! Black skinnies, tank top and some adidas are what I turn to when I want something cute but casual.


Buy the pieces here: Express Black Skinnies, Jack-O-Lantern Tank, Classic Adidas





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