Unlike my usual posts, this post is dedicated to recreating an outfit I’ve seen on Pinterest a million times and wanted to see if I could put together my own version with items I already owned! I think this kind of combo in the fall is perfect because as I’ve mentioned before, I get warm easily, so wearing a dress with heavier boots is perfect!

I’ve linked where I got each item at the bottom of the post!

Inspiration Photo


(Photo taken directly from Pinterest)

My Take



How’d I do?

Buy the pieces here: Striped Dress, Cream Sweater, Burgundy Hunter Boots




I recently purchased a pair of these Hunter Boots and I think they’re one of the best purchases I’ve made in Vancouver. Obviously I’ve relocated to a place where there’s a lot of rain, and I mean A LOT, but I moved here knowing that and I’m enjoying every single drop! Growing up in the desert didn’t quite prepare me for the rain, so these have been an awesome investment!


I opted for these short ones because I get hot super easily, and I do a lot of walking/running around during the day. After wearing my other tall rain boots for a full day I was dying of heat, even though it was mid 50’s  and raining here. The short ones are a perfect fit for me!



Buy the boots here: Chelsea Hunter Boots