Athletic wear used to be for, shocker, athletic activities; but now athletic apparel is considered a type of fashion known as athleisure. I’m certainly not mad at it! It means I can wear my Lulu’s and gym shoes out with a full face of makeup, and people know I’m not going or coming from the gym. I do have to say though, that athleisure has taken over a lot of traditional fashion choices because the types of athletic apparel now in stores are super trendy and super comfortable.

I’m definitely on the “Leggings ARE pants” side of the debate because who really has the right to tell you what you can and can’t wear? However, I still think there is a time and place for athleisure. Running errands? Yep.  Attending 6 hours of class? For sure. Travel days? Abso-f***ing-lutely. Going to the office? NO. Date night? Nope nope nope. Get what I’m putting down?

I personally own A LOT of athletic gear from my skating years, living in Utah during Winter, and becoming a skier over the past couple of seasons! That said, here’s one athleisure outfit I wore last week when taking a drive down to Desolation Bridge.


These Lululemon bottoms are one of my favourites! They’re thicker, but not fleece, so I don’t get too hot but they keep me warmer than their exercise intended leggings.


The top is also Lulu, it’s just a standard long sleeve top. It’s got the thumbholes in the sleeves so your hands stay warm and your sleeves won’t ride up. The vest is The North Face, and I love it because it’s super thin and can easily be worn when layering with sweaters and jackets. It’s got those thermo-heat ball things in it that really trap heat in so it’s super toasty too!


Also I’m becoming obsessed with beanies, and this one is by the brand Brixton. You guys have seen these shoes before, but if you want to know more check out THIS post.

I’ll definitely start to wear variations of this outfit throughout Fall and Winter because I do have quite a few versions of these leggings and tops. The nice thing about owning Lulu is that almost all of their items go together so you don’t have to put much thought into it, my favourite!


Buy the pieces here: Lululemon Pants, Lululemon Long Sleeve, Brixton Beanie, North Face Vest





I’m pretty sure I love pumpkin patches more than your average 5 year old and I’m totally okay with that. I was born at the beginning of October, so I think that I just have this love for this specific time of year that I can’t get over.

Last weekend I went on a short trip down to WA for a few hours with my mom. We love to head down there for American shopping because we haven’t quite figured out how to live without going to Target at least once a month. On our way we saw this adorable pumpkin patch that we had to stop at and take some photos. I actually happened to be wearing this Jack-O-Lantern shirt which made for a great photo-op!


If you can’t tell I’m in heaven in these shots.


This is also another post in regards to weekend fashion! Black skinnies, tank top and some adidas are what I turn to when I want something cute but casual.


Buy the pieces here: Express Black Skinnies, Jack-O-Lantern Tank, Classic Adidas




The weekend, the time of week to sit in a pile of leaves and contemplate life, right? But in all seriousness, like the oversized tee trend, I really enjoy being in jeans and a comfortable top. This is one of the many versions of that sort of outfit that I do wear frequently with warmer accessories for the Fall!


I’m also still learning how to pose, clearly, but I was having a fun time with this specific shoot! The tank reads “Don’t be Basic” with Storm Troopers hanging out. Picked it up at Target a few weeks ago when I was down in Bellingham. Not having a Target is one of the things I don’t like about Canada, but thankfully the closest one is only 1.5 hours away. When we can, we take day trips down to Bellingham to pick up things that us ‘Mericans need.

Love this tank, super simple and a thin material so it’s rather breezy which is where the leather jacket and beanie (or toque, whatever suits your fancy) comes into play. I’m totally into adding a beanie to any outfit for either a warmth factor or a “really didn’t have time to deal with my hair” factor, which IMO is perfect for the weekend! I’ve also noticed the reintroduction of beanies into high fashion; meaning that adding a beanie to a styled dress and heels is definitely a style that’s in right now which I both adore and can back 100%.


I’m also wearing basic white Adidas sneakers and they’re so comfy! When I’m not in heels or booties of some sort I’m typically in these or my Steve Madden slides that are also comfy.


I’m also obsessed with this lip colour for the fall. I’ve linked it down below!


Buy the pieces here: Carhartt Beanie, Leather Jacket, Storm Trooper tank, Black Jeans, Adidas SneakersColourPop Liquid Lipstick

It’s only appropriate to celebrate your 22nd with Taylor Swift. If you don’t know what I’m referencing, I’ll leave a link right HERE.


Anyways, yes it’s true, today is the day my mom gave birth to me 22 years ago and I couldn’t be anymore excited for what the year will bring. I’m certainly still figuring my life out, but I’ve recently learned that most people are making it up on the fly so I can do that too, right? I know where I’m at is completely reflective of my age and I’ll figure it out eventually. Until then, I’ll be celebrating life for the miracle that it is! And obviously continuing with blogging, fashion and social media!


I’m loving this look for 2 reasons.

  1. This dress is SO versatile. It can be worn during the summer with wedges or strappy sandals and it can be worn during the colder seasons with a jacket and some thigh-highs like the ones above.
  2. The colour; can we just take a second to appreciate the perfect periwinkle colour that this dress is? It’s a great way to bring pastels into your fall/winter wardrobe and it’s also the perfect spring/summer colour for any occasion.

I also love how easy it is to change up how this dress looks based on shoes and accessories because it’s so basic. You could easily add a crew neck white/black tee underneath for more daytime coverage with a simple choker, which is very trendy this fall OR you could also wear this with booties (check my previous post for my fave booties of the moment) and layer different necklaces for an elegant night out look. One additional look could be to wear a sweater over the top of the dress, just leaving the skirt exposed, giving you a whole new use for the dress!


Here’s what I’ve really come to love about fashion: There are so many things you can do with each piece that you own that it’s really just up to you and your creativity with how you want to wear your clothes. I used to feel like I had to fit inside of a box when it came to fashion because I was scared of what others would think of me. However, more recently I’ve embraced my love for it and I’m having an amazing time doing so. Let the haters hate, wear what you want!


For more photos check out my Instagram @nicolettebriana.


Buy the pieces here: Slip Dress, Leather Jacket, Steve Madden Thigh Highs








Vancouver is getting tons of rain, and I couldn’t be happier! However, being an LA native hasn’t quite prepared me for what I’m supposed to wear in the rain/colder weather. I’m still adding to my wardrobe (I’ll never not be adding to it, let’s be real) and I put this together pretty easily with a few basic pieces that you either already have or are easy to find anywhere.


It’s a basic white/cream coloured turtle neck, black blazer, black tights, basic black pencil skirt with tight black boots! Super easy, right? I think adding the necklace, earrings and the aviators definitely helped amp up the style score. Here’s a closer look at those pieces.


I mentioned the earrings in a previous post (find here) but they’re also linked down below! I’ve been rocking black nail polish for the last week and I’m really into it. I think I’ll definitely keep it for the next couple of months before the holidays take over!

Buy the pieces here: White Turtle Neck, Black Pencil Skirt, Black Blazer, Aviators, Earring Jacket,  Calvin Klein Boots (not the same boots I’m wearing, mine are last season’s version)

I didn’t link the long necklace because I bought it at Forever21 a couple of years ago, so the exact necklace is no longer on their website.