For those who don’t know what “Adulting” is, here’s UD’s definition:


In addition to the job you’re supposed to be holding, you should also be dressed appropriately; but that’s not always an easy task. Building a wardrobe that’s both professional  and adult-like takes time, so I’ve compiled 9 tips that I use when I shop to hopefully help anyone who needs some advice!

  • Find your go-to stores for certain categories of items:
    • Depending on your budget, you should be able to pin point what stores are your favourites and what categories of clothing items you can get where. For example, if you’re on a budget H&M actually has a really great business/professional section. Another example being that the only brand of jeans I wear are Express jeans, so that’s the only place I head to when in search of a new pair.
  • Prioritize, plan and conquer:

    • That really on trend velvet top is perfect and I feel like I need it in my wardrobe, but I have NOTHING to wear with it. Sound familiar? This is where you have to have a list for each shopping trip. Whether it be getting 2 full work outfits, or a proper pair of pumps, having a prioritized list of what you’re looking for while out and about will keep you on track and keep you from buying unnecessary items.
  •  Does it go with at least 2 items you already own?

    For those who know me, this is dead on. Can’t go wrong with black!

    • Building a wardrobe is hard, so don’t make it harder on yourself by buying items that only match with one thing you own. Buy neutral colours so items will always match no matter what the pieces are. Having a wardrobe that works together is ideal for getting dressed quickly for those running late
      mornings, and for having a wide variety of outfits with just a handful of items. This doesn’t mean you can’t rock a statement top or pair of pants every so often, it just means your closet shouldn’t be filled with crazy patterns and colours that won’t go together, EVER.
  • Know your size at every store you shop at so you can skip fighting crowds:
    • This is by far my favourite tip. I like to shop, but quite honestly I’d much rather online shop over anything. Shopping can just be so exhausting, time consuming and frustrating! And I really hate fighting crowds or having to deal with salespeople in general when I shop. What I’ve done is take note of what size I wear in tops and bottoms at each store I shop at, and I order online! I don’t rely on this method for shoes though, they differ too much by brand and style to really get a good fit.screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-6-23-17-pm
  • Know when stores are having sales: 
    • Stores frequently have bi-yearly or quarterly sales, so take advantage of those! And don’t be scared to ask a salesperson when they hold their sales, they’ll just think you’re a professional shopper. Shopping online is also a great way to save money, because if you sign up/register with each store that you shop at, they’ll most likely send you emails when they’re having online sales and you’ll also get emails about in store sales. Additionally, it gives you flexibility to shop at midnight in your pjs while Netflix binging if that’s your thing (totally how I shop).
  • Decide what items you want to invest in:
    • $99 Leather Jacket, yeah I’ll splurge on that. $75 White Tee, not so much. I’m certainly more than thrilled when I can buy items for a relatively inexpensive price, but I also know when to spend real money on items that will last you forever. I personally like to spend money on jackets/work blouses/outerwear and shoes. Whereas casual t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, casual dresses and leggings I would rather buy cheaper and replace when need be.
  • Trends come and go, so don’t shop by them
    • Yeah, there are some trends that are pretty cool, but don’t spend money on a wardrobe that is geared towards being on trend for that year. Eventually the trends will change and your used to be “fashionable” outfit, now makes you look outdated. Shop for pieces that you know will never be out of fashion and will always seem timeless. To stay with trends buy the accessories to alter your outfit. Add a $10 choker or a super cute fedora to your outfit for a trend twist.. See what I’m saying?
  • If you aren’t in love with it, don’t even consider buying it
    • This may seem pretty straight forward, however I know how easy it can be to talk yourself into buying a piece of clothing that’s a bit outside of your comfort zone and then never wear it. Make sure with what you’re buying, whether it be a new style to you or one you’re used to, that you feel comfortable in it. Don’t buy clothes that make you feel self conscious in the dressing room, you’ll never wear it.screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-6-28-11-pm
  • Have fun with your style!
    • This is probably the most important tip. Don’t be scared to try new things, and don’t let other people dictate what you think you should and shouldn’t wear. Try new styles that you’ve been wanting to try but be comfortable rocking it. Fashion is a way to express yourself, so whether you have an all black wardrobe with like 3 white shirts (AKA me), or you have a different colour for every day of the week, you do you boo boo.

Those are my favourite tips to live by, and I frequently have to remind myself of the above when I’m online shopping. It’s SO EASY to get carried away and add all sorts of things to your cart that you “think you’ll wear for that one occasion that hasn’t come up yet” but in hindsight you may never get use out of whatever you buy.

I hope these tips helped not only those who are trying to “adult” like myself, but anyone who loves to shop too!





There are quite a few fall/winter fashion trends that I absolutely love, and sweater dresses are definitely one of them! I would like to collect a few more for this season, but for now this is the one that I’ve most recently picked up and absolutely love!

This particular dress is super fitted but very stretchy. It’s also got a zipper that goes the whole way up the dress so you kind of put it on just like a sweater! It also means that you don’t have to cautiously spend minutes trying to pull it over your already done hair and makeup to avoid staining the collar of the dress or screwing up your hair… anyone else struggle with that? I guess the solution would be to get dressed before actually doing my hair and makeup, but the issue I have with that is that I never know what I want to wear and it’s what I contemplate while doing my hair and makeup.  Also, God forbid I know what I want to wear and actually get dressed prior to hair/makeup, the likelihood of me spilling foundation or dropping my eyeliner on myself is way too high to take the risk of being dressed prior. #firstworldproblems


Anyways, back to the dress, as you can see it’s certainly on the shorter side, which means it’s really not meant for the office. I’d wear this in a few different ways:

  • For a warmer fall evening you could wear this like I have, with some open toed pleather sandals and a leather jacket.
  • For a colder evening you could easily add some tights, boots and add a scarf!
  • For a dressed down daytime/weekend look I’d pair it with some white adidas runners and the same leather jacket.


Buy the outfit here: Zip-up Sweater Dress (Sold out), Pleather Sandals, Leather Jacket


Stay tuned for more fall fashion!




Pleather is one of my favourite fall/winter clothing items. From pleather jackets, to pleather shoes and accessories; pleather pants are my favourite form. I’ve repurchased these same Pleather Pant Leggings from American Apparel 3 times now, once every couple of years. I personally love these ones specifically because they’re thicker, stretchier and a bit more breathable than some other pleather pants.


I’ve paired these with a white chiffon long sleeve top, that’s a bit longer in the back so it covers my butt. The top also has this really cute tie up accent that adds just enough to the outfit as a whole. This day particularly was a bit chilly, so I added the blazer for a more daytime look but would probably switch it out for a longer trench coat or duster coat for an evening look.


I’m in love with these shoes too! They’re Ivanka Trump’s (check links below for where you can buy everything!) *Please ignore the few pieces of dog fur on the hat… living with tan coloured dogs and being obsessed with black clothing is a constant struggle* With the bow on the top and the collar on the blazer I felt there was too much going on in the neck area for a necklace, and instead opted for my hat that I actually picked up in Amsterdam last summer. I love accessorizing with hats/beanies during the fall/winter because while keeping you warmer, it can also cover up a bad hair day or a “my hair really needs to be washed but I don’t have time for that today” day.


I also purchased this Kate Spade cross body bag at the Nordstrom at the Pacific Centre about a month ago. It fits my phone, a few credit cards/cash, and a lipstick for nights out when I don’t want to carry everything including the kitchen sink.



I love putting together new fall outfits with clothes that I already own, and mixing up older outfits with new pieces! Stay tuned for more fall and winter fashion to come!

Buy the outfit here: Pleather Leggings, White Chiffon Long Sleeve (I’ve had the one pictured for over a year, but here’s a similar one), Black Blazer, Kate Spade Purse, Ivanka Trump Pumps, Black wide rimmed hat





Anyone else remember wearing those god-awful plastic chokers in the 90’s? I was still pretty little during the 90’s, given I’m a ’94 baby, but I still vividly remember this trend going into the early 00’s. The trend is back, and quite honestly I think it’s here to stay for a minute. Can we take a second to appreciate that the chokers now are SO CUTE?! I’m LOVING this trend and will definitely being purchasing more. The one I picked up from Aldo is super long, so you have so many variations of how you can wear the choker.


I love the tassel details on the end of this choker too! I styled the picture below a bit differently to give you a couple different ideas of what you could do with this style of choker.


I also would like to talk about the bodysuit that I’m wearing in this outfit. It’s more of a leotard than a bodysuit because it doesn’t have bottom clasps or snaps, but I picked it up from American Apparel last September! It’s really comfortable, and I think it’s definitely one of those pieces that you can dress up or down. This one, as you can see in the picture below, is a halter and low back cut which is still very much on trend.



Hope you enjoyed!


Buy the pieces here: Black Halter Bodysuit, Long Tassel Choker




Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean we have to completely abandon anything short. I picked up this dress on clearance from Express, and I’m totally in love with it. It’s a faux suede material, that’s really warm but is also rather stretchy.


Loving the tie up front that’s been trending this year. As you can see in this top picture, the bottom criss-cross is sewn in, so no fear of the whole top coming untied. The lace ups are also made of the same suede material the dress is made out of, which makes them really stick together to keep the tie up done without needing to properly tie the top of the dress.


This dress is definitely on the short side, but paired with some cute booties like these, this dress is a great option for day or night!


We’re also completely in love with the little fringe detail on these boots from Steve Madden.

Buy the look: Faux Suede Dress and Steve Madden Booties (current style no longer available on the website)