Hello! I’ve taken quite the hiatus from blogging due to life, work and all the other things that come along with those two things, but I’d like to get back into regularly posting. January was interesting. It was an interesting start to 2017, however I’m now ready to kick some ass and get into gear. That said, I’ve needed to get myself organized and I realized that I was missing my key organizational tools. There hasn’t been a year of my life that I haven’t had some sort of paper agenda. As much of a millennial as I am, I… View Post

Unlike my usual posts, this post is dedicated to recreating an outfit I’ve seen on Pinterest a million times and wanted to see if I could put together my own version with items I already owned! I think this kind of combo in the fall is perfect because as I’ve mentioned before, I get warm easily, so wearing a dress with heavier boots is perfect! I’ve linked where I got each item at the bottom of the post! Inspiration Photo (Photo taken directly from Pinterest) My Take   How’d I do? Buy the pieces here: Striped Dress, Cream Sweater, Burgundy… View Post

I recently purchased a pair of these Hunter Boots and I think they’re one of the best purchases I’ve made in Vancouver. Obviously I’ve relocated to a place where there’s a lot of rain, and I mean A LOT, but I moved here knowing that and I’m enjoying every single drop! Growing up in the desert didn’t quite prepare me for the rain, so these have been an awesome investment! I opted for these short ones because I get hot super easily, and I do a lot of walking/running around during the day. After wearing my other tall rain boots… View Post

Athletic wear used to be for, shocker, athletic activities; but now athletic apparel is considered a type of fashion known as athleisure. I’m certainly not mad at it! It means I can wear my Lulu’s and gym shoes out with a full face of makeup, and people know I’m not going or coming from the gym. I do have to say though, that athleisure has taken over a lot of traditional fashion choices because the types of athletic apparel now in stores are super trendy and super comfortable. I’m definitely on the “Leggings ARE pants” side of the debate because who… View Post

I’m pretty sure I love pumpkin patches more than your average 5 year old and I’m totally okay with that. I was born at the beginning of October, so I think that I just have this love for this specific time of year that I can’t get over. Last weekend I went on a short trip down to WA for a few hours with my mom. We love to head down there for American shopping because we haven’t quite figured out how to live without going to Target at least once a month. On our way we saw this adorable… View Post